Be Organized

The better organized you are, the less chance a problem will arise. Develop systems to share information with you staff about logistical information, timing, staff assignments, and more.
see Program Documentation Checklist (PDF) and Event Logistics Template (PDF)

Be Prepared
You will never be able to anticipate all situations. However, many can be imagined, from a burned-out bulb in your projector to a late arriving performer, to a rainy day, or even an unexpected visit by the governor. A contingency plan accounts for such potential problems or occurrences with planned responses. It calls for you to envision well in advance of the program situations that you might encounter and to create options for action and systems for communicating when a contingency plan may need to be called into play.

In preparing your contingency plan, answer the following questions:

  • Who is authorized to decide whether to implement a contingency plan?
  • Who should be involved in creating the plan?
  • What does the plan entail?
  • Who makes the decision to implement the contingency plan?
  • What are other individuals\’ roles?
  • Has everyone been informed of the contingency plan in advance?
  • How does it get communicated during the program to put the contingency plan into action?
  • How does the plan work once it is put into play?

Be Observant
Having a clipboard or pocket-sized pad handy to note your observations can assist your program evaluation process. You might overhear perceptive suggestions or resounding compliments from participants or audience members which you can use in future promotions. Solicit comments from artists. Talk with program participants. Observe the quality of the art presentation. How are artists and their work received?

Be Visible

You should also be visible to the public and to your artists. Let them know who you are, that you care about their experience, and that you are there to help with problems or needs.

Stay Calm

If you look confident that everything is fine, people will believe you. So, not matter what sort of crisis may be brewing, keep a calm and cool demeanor. It will help you through.

Adapted from
Arts Extension Service Fundamentals of Local Arts Management